Contact, Information, Messages, Opinions

Dear visitors and friends, history, shipwreck and diving lovers,

in this section you can leave messages and views about the S/S Burdigala Project, provide or request information concerning or relating to the shipwreck and the dive mission. In case that messages or questions pertain to your personal data or would prefer that they do not become publicly known, you are kindly requested to contact our team via e-mail at:

Thanking you in advance,

The S/S Burdigala Project Team.

5 Responses to “Contact, Information, Messages, Opinions”

  1. DG Says:

    We also thank you very much Freddy.

  2. Leigh Bishop Says:

    Can someone ask demitrios to contact me

    Leigh Bishop

  3. DG Says:

    Hello Leigh,
    check out your mails.

  4. Christopher Ecclestone Says:

    Brilliant site… a great contribution to the knowledge base on this great ship..

    loved the deck plans.. do you have any interior views..?

    • DG Says:

      2010/09/22 at 3:18 pm

      Hello Christopher,

      unfortunately we have no interior views.

      A year ago we discovered, in an American auction, a “Norddeutscher Lloyd” book with interior views of the “Schnellpostdampfer Kaiser Friedrich”, but it was very expensive for us.

      Dimitri Galon

      By the way your site is also brilliant.
      You are lucky. You found some interior views of the S/S PRINCIPESSA MAFALDA.

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