• Historical research, texts, web site editing, German language translations: Dimitri Galon
  • Texts editing, web site administration, English language translations: Byron E. Riginos
  • Surface photography & Video: Byron E. Riginos, Lazaros Galonis, Stavros Aposporis, Dimitri Galon
  • Under water photography & Video: Dimitri Galon, George Karelas, Lazaros Galonis, George Vandoros
  • Graphics: Yiannis Rousounelos
  • French language translations: Athanasios Yiannoukos
  • Gas mixing: Basil Mavros, Yiannis Protopappas, George Vandoros, Dimitri Galon, Stavros Aposporis
  • U/W Geological surveys: Dr. George Papatheodorou and the University of Patras team consisting of Lecturer Maria Geraga, and post graduate students Margaret Iatrou, Dimitris Christodoulou and Elias Fakiris
  • Publicity support:
  1. Association of Recreational Divers TETHYS:
  2. Kea Island Forum:

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