The team of S/S Burdigala Project

Basil Mavros

basilBasil was born in Piraeus, Greece, in 1956. He studied Chemistry in London, taking his Masters of Science Degree in Polymer Science and today he holds the position of Technical Manager in a manufacturing company in the industrial sector. His hobbies include diving, speleology and plastic or wood scale modeling.

He was introduced to diving when he was a boy, but he started engaging in serious diving in 1978, reaching the level of Advanced Trimix diver in 2002. He likes cave and shipwreck diving, having participated in many expeditions, although his interest is mainly focused on deep sea diving.

Basil is a contributing writer for the Greek Diver Magazine and member of the “Mixed Gas Adventures” (MGA) team.

Dive Education

TDI – Advanced Trimix Diver
CMAS, SDI – Open Water Instructor
TDI – Decompression Procedures Instructor
TDI – Advanced Gas Blending Instructor


Byron E. Riginos

img_3685Byron was born in Athens, Greece, in 1950. He studied Economics and History of Art (B.A.) at Lake Forest College, Illinois, U.S.A. During his Hellenic Navy service, was an Ensign (S) reserve officer and held the post of Liaison Officer between the H.N. and the United States Navy at the Joint United States Military Aid Group/Greece-JUSMAG/G post.

His professional career began in 1975 with the position of Assistant General Manager of Hellenic Industrial Ltd., while until October 2009 was the President & CEO of Datalex S.A. (a company specializing in Auto Id Information Technology Systems and Industrial Automation). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the consulting company European Profiles. He also served as Special Secretary of the Board of the Hellenic Federation of ICT Companies-SEPE and as member of the Board of Acropolis ICT Technological Park.

Byron started diving in 1979 when he was also certified by the acknowledged German Diving Association, Barakuda. He was also a member of Peter Nicolaides’ team that organized dives to the historic wreck of “S/S PATRIS” a paddle wheeler steamship, which sunk in 1868 out of the west coast of Kea island. In 2008, during the first mission of the Kea Dive Expedition, he was one of the main organizers active not only as the the representative of K.D.E. but as a surface support member of the dive mission. Byron similarly is one of the main collaborators of the S/S Burdigala Project research team and responsible for publicity, web administrator and has translated all texts from Greek to English. Byron served as Vice-President and as the Athletics Curator of the Nautical Athletic Club of Kea (NAOK) , is the Administrator of the web forum dedicated to Kea and member of the Club of Amateur Divers TETHYS, member of The Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage-ELLET, member of the Board the Friends of Kea Club-SFK and member of the Board of Directors of PHILPA, The Antique Car Club of Greece .

Dive Education

IANTD – Nitrox Diver
Red Cross of Greece – CPR

DAN – O2 Provider


Damianos Veropoulos

neapoli-17-6-06-100Damianos was born in Athens, Greece, in 1970. He was involved from early age in sports, a member of the swimming team of National team, receiving as a teenager several distinctions. He studied at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and currently works in the electronics field.
He primarily focuses on cave and shipwreck diving, while has a keen interest for deep mixed gas diving.

Damianos is a member of the “Mixed Gas Adventures” (MGA) Team but apart from diving he is also active in mountaineering and rock climbing, a member of “Greek Mountain Climbing Club-Acharnon Chapter” (E.O.S. Acharnon), speleology and its training. He is currently Vice President of the speleology club Poseidon and a member of the cave rescuing group S.O.E.

Dive Education

TDI – Trimix diver
PADI – Dive master
TDI – Full cave diver
Trimix Scuba Association – Discover cavediver


Derk Remmers

Derk was born in Bremen, Germany, in 1971. He studied Materials and Foundry Engineering in Aachen and in Hamburg. At the same time he worked as hyperbaric chamber operator and hyperbaric technician from 1999 until 2007 in Aachen. Furthermore, during his military service, he was technician in the German Navy on the F-120 “Emden”.

He began scuba diving in 1986 and since 2002 he works as an Educational Trainer. At the present he is a GUE Fundamentals, Rec1/Rec3, Tech 1 and Tech 2 instructor. He has logged more than 2.000 dives, in mainly cold water, of which 1.400 have been mixed gas dives and more than 800 has been performed using staged decompression techniques.

Derk participated in many wreck diving projects in the North and the Baltic Sea and he has also been involved in educational issues regarding diving medicine. He wrote articles about physiology in the Quest Magazine (2008 and 2009) and he was co-author of “Sauerstoff-Fenster und Dekompression” in: “Medizinische und technische Herausforderungen an die Wasserrettung”, Ecomed (Germany) 2010. Among diving techniques and hyperbaric physiology, wreck diving and maritime history belong also to his primary interests.

Derk is married, has two children and lives in Hamburg (see also

Dive Education and Qualification

GUE – Tech 1 and Tech 2 Instructor
GUE – Fundamentals/Rec1/Rec3 Instructor

GUE – Cave 1
VDST/CMAS Nitrox/Triox-Instructor
DLRG/ILS Public Safety Diving Instructor


Dimitris Galon

DGDimitris was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1958. He lived for many years in Athens, Greece, and since 1984 he lives permanently in the Federal Republic of Germany.

He studied historic and comparative Musicology, Informatics, Philosophy, Byzantinology and Ethnology at the Universities of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. He worked in the Ethnographic Museum and the City University of Hamburg, and since 1994 is the editor of the international publishing house, Sikorski. At the same time he deals with various issues of the marine history of the Eastern Mediterranean region. His articles have been published in the Greek magazines Efoplistis, Naftiki Epitheorisi, Greek Diver and Aiginea, in the German magazine Zenith and also in the Greek news portal

Dimitris lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, and is member of the German Historisches Marinearchiv.

Dive Education

GUE – Tech 2+
IANTD – Trimix Diver
DAN – O2 Provider

MavotecTDI – Advanced Gas Blender


George Karelas

_dsc5593George was born in 1966 in Athens, Greece, but grew up in Patras, where he resides today. He studied Economics at the University of Athens and obtained his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Reading University in Great Britain. Currently he directs the Karela Winery family business in Patras, (established in 1936).

George started diving in 1994 and has ever since has dived in many countries of the world such as Australia, Belize, Russia, Malta and Cyprus. He has systematically gotten involved with the research of modern shipwrecks and was the first to dive, investigate, and identify the historical shipwrecks of the Second World War in the Gulf of Patras. He has created a large file of historical shipwrecks that he now maintains. It includes a remarkable record for most ships sunk in recent years in Greek waters.

George considers his duty to be respecting/dealing with wrecks and fighting for the creation and development of similar institutions in Greece, expressed through programs such as Receiver of Wreck and Adopt a Wreck Program.

George Karelas is a columnist in the Greek magazine “Thalassa”, member of the Association of Recreational Divers TETHYS, and married to Sofia Kekempanou and has two children.

Dive Education

PADI – Dive Master
IANTD – Normoxic Trimix Diver
DA – O2 Provider


Dr. George Papatheodorou

papatheo_photoGeorge is marine geologist and has more than 20 years experience in applied oceanographic work.

He is an Assistant Professor at the Geology Department of the University of Patras, Greece. Former positions include lecturer at the University of Thessaly (Greece) and senior scientist for the Geology Department of the University of Patras

His research interests include: submarine gravitative mass movement processes, gas charged sediments, marine pollution and marine geoarchaeology (application of remote sensing techniques to the underwater archeology). He was coordinator of many national projects with an applied aspect – oceanography in relation to offshore installations (submarine power and telecommunication cables, submarine pipelines) and to sea waste disposal and its ecological consequences on the marine environment.

George has participated in EU research programs on gas migration in the marine sediments and development of submarine observatories (ASSEM). He has fifty (50) publications in International Refereed Journals and many in International Conferences and Greek Journals in the field of Marine Science and Technology.


George Vandoros

van-081George was born in Piraeus, Greece, in 1976 and descends from the island of Cephallonia. He studied photography and worked for two years as a photographer and technical editor of slides in the area of extreme sports.

He began scuba diving in 1997 and since 2000 he works full-time as trainer and companion for technical and recreational diving. He has collaborated with diving centers in Greece and has been involved in several diving missions, such as the exploration of Lake Agios Nikolaos, Crete, the caves of Melissani and Cheiridoni, Cephallonia, the “Deep Blue Experience”, Attica and the “Vouliagmeni Cave Exploration”, Athens. He is also a free-lance photographer and contributing columnist for the Greek diving magazine Greek Diver.

Although diving is a way of life for George, his main interest focuses mainly on cave and shipwreck diving. One area of particular interest concerns deep mixed gas offshore diving.

George works since 2008, as a free-lance diving instructor, with main diving centers in Greece. His primary concern is about providing proper knowledge in order to create the appropriate theoretical technical foundation to his students, enabling them to achieve safe diving. George is a member of the“Mixed Gas Adventures” (MGA) Team.

Dive Education

DSAT – Tec Trimix Instructor
IANTD – Trimix Instructor
TDI – Full Cave Diver
PADI – Master Scuba Diver Trainer
DSAT/IANTD – Gas Blender Instructor
PADI – Cavern & Wreck Diver Instructor
TDI – Extended Range Instructor (Inactive)
TDI – Advanced Wreck Diver


Lazaros Galonis

lazarosLazaros was born in Athens, Greece, in 1967. He has been an active diver since 1990 and so far has dived in many countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the wider area of the Red Sea.

He focuses primarily on shipwreck diving and was a member of the Milos Dive Project team, participating in the expedition of the historical shipwrecks of Adamas, Milos in September 2007. He was also member of the Kea Dive Expedition team who first dived the S/S Burdigala shipwreck in September 2008. During the mission of 2009 Lazaros participated as organizer and diver. He dove the aircraft wreck of a German Junkers 52 at the northwest of Kea. Lazaros works for the Greek Telecommunications Organization (OTE).

Dive Education

IANTD – Normoxic Trimix Diver
DAN – O2 Provider
NASE – Diving instructor


Martin Skibowski

Martin was born in Minden, Germany, in 1976. After finishing school he completed a training as an electrician.

From 1997 until 2007 he joined the German army and he served as technician and diver in the Submarine Force.

From 2008 to present Martin studies Marine Engineering at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. He lives in Flensburg and he has been diving since 1996, mainly in cold water, using predominantly staged decompression techniques. Martin joined the team of S/S Burdigala Project in 2012, participating in the fourth mission of the project.

Dive Education and Qualification

Ship’s diver
Hyperbaric chamber operator
Squad leader

PADI – Dive master
GUE – Tech 2
MavotecTDI – Advanced Gas Blender


Stavros Aposporis

dsc_3960Stavros was born in Athens, Greece, in 1977 and is professionally involved in the construction industry. He has dived in many locations as Mexico, Thailand, the Red Sea, Malta and Cyprus.

He pursues vertical speleology (Poseidon Club), Canoeing and Snowboarding. Recently has taken up interest in cave diving as well.

Stavros as a member of the “Mixed Gas Adventures” (MGA) Team, has focused his interest on shipwreck diving, while has a keen interest for deep mixed gas diving.

Dive Education

DSAT – Trimix diver
PADI – EFR-Rescue Diver
PADI – Advanced Gas Blender

DAN– O2 provider


Wilhelm Moennikes

Wilhelm was born in Germany in 1965. After finishing school he studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, where he has been graduated with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Since then he works as an installation manager in machinery and equipment manufacturing field.

Wilhelm had his first encounter with compressed air diving apparatus in 1985. Since then he continued diving without interruption reaching the GUE dive levels of  Cave 2 and Tech 2. He lives in Aachen, Germany, and has logged many dives, in mainly overhead environment, using occasionally staged decompression techniques. Wilhelm joined the team of S/S Burdigala Project in 2012, participating in the fourth mission of the project.

Dive Education

CMAS Dive instructor
GUE – Cave 2
GUE – Tech 2

Yiannis Protopappas

dsc_00511Yannis was born in Athens, Greece, in 1974. He started his career with electronic installations and automations in 1994 and for the last eight years he is a professional in the field of electronic security systems.

His first contact with scuba diving was in 1999. Soon became involved with new, specialized forms of diving, which led him to mixed gas diving. The diving interest of Yannis focuses around shipwrecks and caves, while his main attraction is about deep dives. He is a member of the diving team of Mixed Gas Adventures” (MGA), “Speleology Nature and Mountaineers Club” (F.O.S.). He has participated in exploratory missions, of diving speleology, as in the cave “Lion”, the Deep Blue Experience and the “Vouliagmeni Cave Exploration”.

Dive Education

IANTD – Trimix diver
TSA Europa – Cave diver
TDI – Gas Blender
DAN – O2 provider

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